It’s no secret that severe weather plagues Minnesota year-round, but many people are surprised to hear that summer is hail season in MN. Alongside taking a prominent position in tornado alley, Minnesota residents are no strangers to hail damage. Hail season starts to emerge in June and continues on throughout the summer. Hail is formed when raindrops are caught in the powerful drafts of thunderstorms. Through the extreme temperatures and different atmospheric pressures that occur, the water freezes and forms small hailstones. As the hailstones continue to move throughout the storm, they get larger and larger until their weight is heavy enough to drop through the strength of the storm.

Small hail is annoying at best but as hail grows it becomes increasingly dangerous. Hail is usually discussed in terms of comparable objects such as “ping-pong ball,” “golf ball,” or even “grapefruit” sizes. In terms of weight, there have been instances of hailstones reaching over 1lb and higher!

To make sure that you keep your home protected and your family safe, you need to make sure to prepare your home for any severe hailstorms in advanced. This isn’t always easy, as hail can come unpredictably, but by planning ahead and using proper preventative measures, you’ll lower the cost of damage and keep your home in the best condition possible. For all of your home’s hail preventative needs, the professionals at Bison Builders are here to help.

In the meantime, make sure that you keep an eye on any severe weather notifications in your area and keep your cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles in a garage or under covered parking during a hailstorm. After the storm has passed, schedule a home inspection to make sure that there are no damages that could lead to structural problems or safety issues with your home. Bison Builders offers free inspections for storm damages and our professionals are trained to notice any damages, both internally and externally.

While sometimes you can see signs of storm damage during an at-home inspection on your own, other times the damages aren’t as obvious. If you think that your home might have unseen problems after a hailstorm, play it safe and get a professional inspection from Bison Builders. During the inspection, your roof will be thoroughly checked for any signs of storm damage so you can get things repaired before it’s too late. Contact Bison Builders today for a post-storm damage inspection.