Roofing- Storm Damage/Repair

Roofing – Storm Damage/Repair

The seven counties metropolitan area of Minnesota, including cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove, Bloomington and other Twin Cities areas, get regular exposure to intense storms and extreme weather. To make sure that your roof is still in good condition, one of the first things you should do following a storm is to assess your residential or commercial roof for any signs of damages.

If you notice any missing shingles from your roof during a post-storm inspection, you’re going to need to get those replaced to avoid further damages. If your shingles weren’t in great condition before a storm, this could exasperate the damages, which is why we recommend ongoing maintenance. Regardless, signs of missing or damaged shingles could indicate a bigger problem and we recommend calling Bison Builders for a comprehensive inspection and estimate for storm damages. Similarly, if you see any visible granule loss, which often appears in horizontal lines after a storm, call us as soon as possible. This could indicate a broken seal that could perpetuate leaks and internal damage.

You should also take the time to look at your gutters and downspouts for any damages or clogs. After a storm, your gutters and downspouts will need to be cleaned out 99.9% of the time. Strong winds, rain, and debris all take a toll on your roof’s filtration system and need to be ready for what comes next.

It’s rare for heavy rainfall to cause damage on its own, but if the winds are strong enough you might have debris damage without knowing it. During any storm, take note of the conditions so you can better understand what to look for and how to assess your roof for damage the next day.

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If you find any signs of leaks inside your home, you probably have some extensive storm damage on your roof that should be addressed immediately. Go into your attic and check for any issues, moisture, or sources of light coming from places they shouldn’t be. Comprehensive storm damage remediation is one of the best ways to make sure that your home stays safe so you can rest easy knowing you’re protected every day and night.

Even though it might feel necessary to climb up on a ladder and inspect your roof from above, we don’t recommend getting on your roof unless it’s absolutely necessary. Going on the roof is dangerous, especially if the conditions aren’t perfect. Instead, try to look for any storm damages from the ground, maybe with a pair of binoculars. If you notice any signs of storm damage that will need repairs, or don’t feel like you can adequately gauge the level of damage, contact the professionals at Bison Builders today. Our roofing contractors are trained to detect storm damage and provide corresponding storm damage repairs so that your home stays protected.

Roofing – Storm Damage/Repair