Windows – Prevention

Windows – Prevention

Protecting your windows from damage is more than making sure that they don’t break. Overtime, your windows will deteriorate just as other parts of your home do. When this happens, performance suffers, and your home doesn’t look nearly as nice. The key to elongating the lifespan of your windows is through a strong maintenance plan. Having well-maintained windows will help you protect your home from harsh weather, improve the security of your home, reduce temperature fluctuations felt indoors, and improve the overall aesthetics. At Bison Builders, we’re here to help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your windows, regardless of how old they are.

The first step in window damage prevention is keeping them clean. While many people include cleaning their windows from the inside on their monthly to-do list, they seldom make time to clean the outsides. This makes sense, as cleaning the exterior of a window is a little more difficult than the interior, especially if your home is more than one story. Bison Builders are here to help you with professional maintenance packages that include deep cleans of those hard to reach exterior areas. During this process, we make sure to provide thorough inspections of all of your windows, frames, and the sash. While your glass might last forever, the frames and sash are susceptible to damages like rot or worse. Your window’s sealant can also deteriorate in time, causing a substantial decrease in insulation. Some of the main signs of damage to a window include rot, failed seals, a warping frame, or the loss of weather stripping. Preventative window maintenance will help to catch these problems early on so they can be repaired easily. If the problems get too advance, a window replacement will likely be the more economical course of action.

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If your windows have Low-e window (which most come standard now), this needs to be inspected regularly for damage. If the Low-E film starts to deteriorate, you’ll lose the insulation that installing it was meant to provide. These films need to be cleaned in accordance to their manufacturer’s instructions, so if you have any questions or need them done professionally, contact Bison Builders.

When windows open, they’re installed with screens to prevent bugs and pests from entering your home. However, these are delicate and easily damaged. Plus, due to the material they’re made out of, they deteriorate much faster than the window itself. To keep your windows working as they should, make sure to include window screen maintenance on your to-do list.

Taking care of your windows properly will allow you to enjoy them for as long as possible. Getting new windows is a big investment and to protect that investment, we recommend scheduling regular window prevention care with Bison Builders. Prevention is always the best course of action and will help you avoid costly, premature window replacements on your residential home or commercial building. For more information about window prevention services offeredat Bison Builders, contact us today.

Windows – Prevention